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4 Great Blogs to Help You Destroy Your Debt

Millennial debt comes in many forms: student loans, housing, transportation costs, starting a family and so on. But what is common for many millennials is that they are increasingly interested in finding ways to help themselves financially, and avoid taking on more debt in the future.

And with January under way, the future is here, and you might be eager to create a plan to make 2019 a financial success.

If that sounds like you, this blog roundup could help. These bloggers are all superstars in the millennial personal finance world (and they’re all Canadian).

1. Half Banked

Desirae Odjick is a millennial who speaks about issues and behaviours that really resonate with many of her generation.

Odjick tackles topics in a way that is user-friendly, with the side benefit of increasing your financial literacy along the way.

If you’re still a student, Odjick offers some advice on how to budget, and how to wrap your head around what she calls the “weirdest income you’ll ever have”.

Her approach to planning for short-term goals, and multiple short-term goals at the same time, is really helpful. Following her strategy can help you avoid increasing your debt load because you overlooked costs or miscalculated your contributions or time.

2. Jessica Moorhouse

Filmmaker turned financial counsellor, Jessica has explored a lot of issues that are relevant to millennials.

Her own experience with paying for her post-secondary education and considering if there is value in more training or university may be the anthem of a generation.

Part of her goal is to help readers determine what financial freedom means to them, and how to achieve it. For some, that means avoiding unnecessary consumer debt, or decreasing or eliminating their debt load. For others, it’s learning how to save for the future they want, including housing, traveling and family, or retiring early. Another great feature? Moorhouse hosts a podcast where she chats with a wide array of guests whose financial experiences can inspire real financial change.

3. Money After Graduation

Bridget Casey tackles the long-game in her blog.

Interested in paying off debt and building her personal wealth, Casey’s blogs are directed at young professionals who are interested in the same things, but are struggling.

Since many millennials are graduating with student debt (and many of them have student debt regrets), Casey’s blog is a great motivator for those just starting out.

And, she helps you look past the pressures of student debt into the future, so that you can identify your financial goals and start saving.

4. Give Me Back My Five Bucks

What’s great about Krystal Yee’s approach to financial blogging is that she’s extremely detailed and open about her experiences and processes. She tackles the struggles that come with student debt and consumer debt, specifically credit card debt. A familiar tale for many millennials.

It’s a little like watching a science experiment (in this case, financial experiment) unfold in front of your eyes, little by little.

And in that way, it’s also like having a friend with you in the financial trenches, making headway and achieving her goals (and she hails from beautiful British Columbia, too!).

Through all the detailed spreadsheets and analysis of what works and doesn’t, Yee’s blog has the added advantage of helping you feel the time pass realistically. All that to say, this isn’t a quick-fix solution blog.

Yee unfolds often her successes and lessons learned in real-time.

It gives you a real sense of how much time and effort it takes to reduce your debt load, and that helps to keep you realistic about your own efforts. Successes don’t come overnight, but they do come in time! Sticking with it brings big rewards.

Personal finances has become an area of interest for many millennials, so use the experiences and lessons of the bloggers above to help you destroy your debt this year.

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