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Shelley Cameron

Senior Administrator

Shelley Cameron is a Senior Insolvency Estate Administrator with the Kelowna BDO office who travels to the Kootenay area as well as throughout the Okanagan.

As a certified Insolvency Administrator and Counselor, Shelley assists troubled individuals and businesses by offering solutions when debt starts to overwhelm them, and helps to give them a fresh financial start. Through the initial assessment stage as well as the administration of consumer proposals and bankruptcies, Shelley provides financial counseling for individual debtors to aid them on their way to financial recovery. She has assisted persons with budgeting and has given informal presentations when requested.

It has given Shelley much personal satisfaction when persons have called over the years to say how well they have been moving forward in life after BDO’s help.

Shelley can be found appreciating all the advantages of life the Okanagan offers.

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