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Helpful articles and resources to educate you on debt relief.

Is Helping Your Kids Reduce Debt a Good Idea?

Apr 24, 2019

Getting ahead in today’s world isn’t always easy. Millennials face personal, professional and financial challenges that didn’t exist for older generations. As a parent, you want to help. But what’s the best way to support your adult children when they’re trying to reduce their debt...

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4 Powerful Secrets for Debt Management During Mat Leave

Mar 17, 2019

A lot of Canadian women would agree that they’re fortunate to have the option of taking time away from their jobs to spend with their new baby. But that also means a cut in household income. Debt management is going to be important. That’s why we’re...

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How to Kiss Your Consumer Debt Goodbye

Feb 21, 2019

Are you ready to break up with your consumer debt for good, but don’t know how? You might just need the right kind of motivation. Personal debt is often a one-sided relationship Three-quarters of Canadians are carrying personal debt, which can make debt feel normal. However, for...

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4 Great Blogs to Help You Destroy Your Debt

Jan 17, 2019

Millennial debt comes in many forms: student loans, housing, transportation costs, starting a family and so on. But what is common for many millennials is that they are increasingly interested in finding ways to help themselves financially, and avoid taking on more debt in the...

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Gen X Debt: How to Budget for Unexpected Expenses

Nov 07, 2018

What makes you add to your debt? Is it those everyday expenses, or the ones that sneak up on you, like house or car repairs? Unless you’ve got money set aside for such occasions, you’ll end up racking up your credit card balances pretty quickly and...

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How to Reduce Debt Now for Future Financial Stability

Oct 21, 2018

For Gen X, the idea of retirement is changing. With more middle-age Canadians needing to reduce debt, there’s a roadblock in the way of retirement savings, which seems difficult to budge. Our inaugural Affordability Index findings are showing just that, looking at how debt is...

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How to Reduce Your Student Debt While Still in School

Aug 01, 2018

From finding a place to live to purchasing all the required textbooks on your book list, there’s quite a bit of prep involved for students heading back to post-secondary studies in September. There’s also the student debt to think about. Although it’s tempting to put aside...

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How To Make Travel A Reality When You’re in Debt

Jun 27, 2018

If you’re carrying debt, you might think there’s no way to travel this summer. However, some careful planning ahead of time could help you make your travel dreams a reality. This podcast examines How To Travel When You’re Paying Off Debt. We look at how to...

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How to Stop Reno Debt From Overshadowing Your Goals

May 23, 2018

It can be hard to avoid the “renovation bug” once the summer weather is here. But renovations can be surprisingly costly, and can quickly lead to debt. In this podcast, we talk about four things you should know about your personal finances before jumping into...

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